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County Fair & State Fair Swine Exhibitors

Dr. Tia Kastenson will be providing health checks for local swine exhibitors. Health checks will be completed on weekends throughout July. Exhibitors do not need to be present for the check. 

Note: Dr. Kastenson only does health checks for shows/transport. If your pigs are showing signs of disease, please contact a veterinarian dedicated to large animals.

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Request Health Check

All requests for health checks must be submitted through the online form below by June 15, 2021.


After receiving your request, North Cape Corner Vet will email you a list of additional information that needs to be provided prior to the health check. This information must be submitted to the clinic by July 1, 2021.

Health Check Request

State Fair Exhibitors Only

Samples for PRRSV and PEDV testing must be submitted in a collection tube. A collection tube can be provided upon request.

The collection tube must be dropped off at the clinic, located at 4438 N. Raynor Ave, Union Grove, WI 53182, during our business hours between July [dates coming soon]. Samples submitted outside of this window will inquire an additional fee.

PRRSV and PEDV tests for State Fair exhibitors are $95, and payment is required at the time of test submission. 

Certificate Cost & Payment

Health certificates are $65 for up to 4 pigs, and $5 for each additional pig. Payment is required before certificates are released to exhibitors.

If paying by credit card, payment must be made in-person at the clinic. The clinic is located at 4438 N. Raynor Ave., Union Grove, WI 53182. If paying with check or cash, payment can be made at the clinic or at the time of the health check.


A $5 discount will be applied on the health certificate if payment is cash or check. 


Health certificates will be issued electronically and multiple copies can be printed.


Non-Fair Events

Dr. Kastenson will primarily only handle health checks for County Fairs and State Fair. Health checks for non-fair shows will be on a case by case basis. Health certificates for non-fair shows are $85 for up to 4 pigs, and $5 for each additional pig. 

To request a health check for a non-Fair event, please call 262-732-4140

Note: Shows that are non-terminal do require samples for PRRSV and PEDV testing. Please plan accordingly.