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We'll help your pet get

back to their normal self!


Just like us, our pets can get sick. North Cape Corner Veterinary Clinic provides services to determine what is causing the problem and the best method of treatment. If we cannot do the necessary testing or treatment, we will guide you to a specialty clinic that does. 


Dogs and cats get sick just like us, but the signs of illness can be very different.  Sometimes disease signs are obvious, such as vomiting or diarrhea, but we also see pets that are scratching more or not eating as much. If you think something may be wrong with your pet, give us a call and we can help determine the need for an exam.


Due to facility limitations, we may not be able to treat immediate emergencies. If something arises that needs to be treated immediately, contact us via phone at 262-732-4140. If we are unable to assist or if it is after hours, the following clinics provide 24 hour emergency care: 

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists - Oak Creek 

9472 S. 27th St.

Oak Creek, WI 53154


WVRC - Racine

4333 Old Green Bay Rd. 

Racine, WI 53403


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