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Dr. Tia Kastenson

Veterinarian & Clinic Owner

Dr. Tia Kastenson is the owner of North Cape Corner Veterinary Clinic. After receiving her Bachelor's Degree from UW-Madison in Genetics, she headed 2,300 miles to St. Kitts in the Caribbean to attend Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating in 2014, Kastenson worked in both private and corporate practice before fulfilling her dream of practice ownership. ​

Fun Facts about Tia: 

  • She has 2 pets who both were adopted while in St. Kitts. Rory is a tiny cat with a big personality, and Lucie is a coconut retriever (aka a mix of various dog breeds on the island).

  • She loves to travel. Recently, she visited Peru. 

  • She didn't necessarily dream of being a vet when she was younger. However, after working at the Dairy Cattle Center at UW-Madison, she switched her career path. 

Kayla Gonzales

Veterinary Assistant


Fun Facts about Kayla: 

  • Coming soon!

Alecia Blum

Veterinary Assistant

Alecia has been with North Cape Corner Vet since February 2021. She went to Milwaukee Career College for veterinary assistant in 2014. She loves surgery and dental cleanings. 

Fun Facts about Alecia:

  • She has 5 dogs (Toad, Lexi, Bert, Tater, and Ernie), 2 cats (Benny, who has only one eye, and Spud).

  • She loves to go camping with her fur babies, spending time outside.

  • She also loves horses. She has shown Paint horses for years. 

Jessi Sielicki

Veterinary Assistant

Jessi has a degree in both biology and geophysics and has always had a deep appreciation for the world around her. Her family taught her the importance of respecting nature and the environment and how simple acts of kindness can go a long way. She spent about 10 years both working and volunteering at the Wisconsin Humane Society where she learned a lot about animal welfare and decided to start a career in the veterinary field. She loves learning new skills and is working toward becoming certified as a veterinary technician.

Fun Facts about Jessi: 

  • She has 2 beautiful human babies and 4 wonderful fur babies that she loves playing outside with and going on long walks on the beach.

  • She also enjoys painting and gardening and has been establishing a native prairie plant garden in her yard over the last few years.

  • She loves working with wildlife - her favorite animals that she's working with are great horned owls and foxes. 

Erikia Hobus


Erikia is a retired stay-at-home mom with 2 kids ages 9 and 4. She used to work in the Wedding/Banquet industry before she had her youngest.  She and her family love to take weekend trips to the northwoods for some UTV'ing. 

Fun Facts about Erikia: 

  • She helps coach her daughters' softball team.

  • She loves boxing/kickboxing as her daily workout.

  • She has 2 dogs, Dozer who is a mastiff, and Graycie, who is a pitbull.

Angela Hill

Veterinary Assistant

Coming soon!

Fun Facts about Angela: 

  • Coming soon!

Emily Springer

Veterinary Assistant


Fun Facts about Emily: 

  • Coming soon!

Mckenna Edwards



Fun Facts about Mckenna: 

  • Coming soon!

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